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THE WAREHOUSE - Currently in Development


The film is based on Frankie Knuckles and the legendary after hours club in Chicago called The Warehouse, that dominated the music industry and revolutionalized how music was created around the world, influencing artists and developing a new genre, House Music.


Producers: Bob Teitel, Billy Dec, Randy Crumpton, Joe Shanahan 

BURY THE LEAD - Slated for 2017 Production

A talented journalist on a life-long quest for a Pulitzer Prize fabricates sources and the truth to create a compelling murder story, however, when his concocted conspiracy becomes real, right and wrong become entangled as he fights to save his family before time runs out. 


Producers: Elston Films

Writer: Justin Kremer

Director: Anthony Hemingway

HAPPY SNOW DAY FRANNY - Currently in Post Production

A surreal interpretation of a dying woman’s last thoughts.


Producers: Elston Films

Writer/Director:  Kevin Cooper 



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